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You will need to use the conductive gel also for these areas as it helps to distribute the energy pulse and it does take allot longer for Verseo ePen to work in these areas. One thing you have to consider with permanent hair removal is that it is permanent.. If you want to grow facial hair when you are older into a beard you are unable to. So you have to make sure you consider all the pro's and con's when choosing this type of commitment. Removal of hair on the face is not like a permanent wave of the hair. It may say permanent but it will grow out and be cut off in the end. You cannot have your facial hair grow back after choosing this type of procedure to occur.There are a few different ways to remove facial hair for good such as electrolysis and laser hair removal. They both will remove the hair but in most cases there are a few different sessions you will have to sit through to have it removed. Also as part of my Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal Electrolysis Review I checked forums and blogs to see what real people were saying about it before I bought one. The women were very impressed with how safe the ePen worked on their bikini lines and armpit hairs.Results will vary so you will have to remember that every person has different hair follicles and roots and you may notice hair returning in a few different areas of your face after a few years. This is not typical but it can occur depending on how the hair was removed.Next I did notice that the hair doesn't fall out on it's own it has to be pulled out after it has been zapped but it really does work and I have no hair growing back yet.They also want a product that works well every time. 激光脫毛 脫毛 永久脫毛